MTA Annual Meeting Local Delegates

Annual Meeting

Serving as a local delegate to the Annual Meeting

Each year in April-May, the MTA convenes an Annual Meeting at which delegates from across the state gather to set policy, vote on Bylaws, Standing Rules and Resolutions, elect members to the Board, vote on the budget and approve new business items. Most delegates represent their locals and are elected locally. In addition, there are statewide retiree and regional ethnic minority delegates.

MTA Delegate

The 2025 MTA Annual Meeting will take place May 2-3 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield.

The Annual Meeting, generally with more than 1,000 delegates present, provides an opportunity to experience the democratic process at work.

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Who is eligible to run?

Delegates are elected within each local association. The number of delegates allotted to each local is determined by membership numbers as of March 1 each year.

Deadline and process

If you want to serve as an Annual Meeting delegate from your local association, we recommend that you contact your local president and vice president in January, notifying them of your interest.

Each local then runs its own election. Your local leadership can explain the delegate election process and timing.